Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Love Canadian Radio!

Welcome to my blog which celebrates Canadian Radio and Television from the middle of the last century until today.
My current project is to record the memories of all the BC Radio Veterans and to make those interviews available to all who are interested in hearing them.
The interviews currently reside on in the Forum Radiographies with Mike Cleaver
In future, they will be available on
The interviews also will form their own archive in the newly formed Canadian Radio History Museum, soon to open in Toronto.

The first interviewees are Gord Rose, Dave Abbott, John Tanner, Brian (Frosty) Forst, Wilf Ray, Roy Hennessy, Bill Reiter, Shushma Datt, Dave Glasstetter, Red Robinson,
John Ashbridge, Doc Harris and Cameron Bell.
Capsule biographies of these people can be found at
The interviews are on hiatus until July 8th.
After that, I'm hoping to add three or four new interviews every week.

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